Groupon Offers Rewards To Loyal Customers

Here is some great news to all loyal customers of Groupon. The company announced Wednesday they will be offering a customer loyalty program among their loyal customers around the world. Groupon said the customer loyalty program is very beneficial to bargain hunters since it will allow them more chances of saving money.

Groupon explained those who will join the program needs to set a spending target for customers to hit before they qualify for an even steeper discount than Groupon usually offers through the millions of daily deals that it sells each week. Aside from the loyal program, the Chicago based company is also set to conduct itsĀ  initial public offering of stock in its company. The company hopes to earn $750 million in its stock selling venture to the public.

Based on the loyalty program, consumers who spend enough money to qualify for the reward would receive an 80 percent discount instead of the 50 percent markdown frequently given on its daily deals. For example, someone who spent $100 with a hair stylist might only need to spend another $20 to get the next $100 in service. Groupon hopes their loyal program and move to sell some of their stocks will make the company even more appealing to buyers around the world.