Plan to Blow Up Pentagon and U.S. Capitol Thwarted

On Wednesday a man was arrested on the accusations of plotting an assault on the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon by using arming a remote-controlled aircraft with explosives. This is just the latest in several terrorism cases to come forward from sting operations from the federal government. The man was taken into custody in Framingham, Massachusetts when federal agents working undercover delivered some materials this man had allegedly asked for. This material included 6 machine guns, grenades, and what the man believed was twenty-four pounds of C-4 explosives.

The man, twenty-six year old Rezwan Ferdaus, planned the scheme because he wanted to deliver a psychological blow to enemies of the Allah. He wanted to hit the Pentagon because he believed it was the heart and head of the snake. The man was a United States citizen and was a graduate of Northeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in physics.

On Wednesday he made an appearance in court on charges of giving support to a foreign terrorist organization and attempting to destroy federal buildings. On Monday there will be a detention hearing. He is being accused of planning to use 3 remote control airplanes. Each of the airplanes measured in length up to eighty inches and he planned to pack 5 pounds of explosives in all three planes. The rest of the explosives he was planning on using near the Pentagon to blow up bridges. The planes had the capability of speeds more than one hundred miles per hour. After the planes attacked he planned to follow it up with an automatic weapons attack with two teams of three other people.