Former Champ Ricky Hatton Admits Being Suicidal After Pacquiao Loss

A former British boxing champion has admitted he thought of committing suicide after Filipino boxing superstar Manny “Pacman” knocked him out in the second round of their 12 rounds fight in Las Vegas. Pacquiao virtually separated Hatton from his senses in their May 2009 title fight. Ricky “Hitman” Hatton said his shocking loss to Pacquiao, the current pound-for-pound king is very painful to him that he thought of killing himself to forget about his humiliation.

Hatton said after he defeat at the hands of Pacquiao, he lose control of his life and up being a drug and alcohol addict. He said depression got him after his Pacquiao loss which badly affected his personal and career as a boxer. The former boxing superstar said after his Pacquiao defeat he started to lose interest in boxing and eventually decided to retire from the sport of pro fessional boxing. Upon his retirement from boxing, Hatton still has a spectacular record of 45 wins and only two defeats on the hands of Pacquiao and American boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr.