Pakistan Deadly Dengue Fever Outbreak Kills 126, 12,000 Afflicted

The deadly dengue fever is causing headache among health officials in Pakistan today. This developed after dengue already killed 126 people in Pakistan in less than a month.
Aside from the casualties, the dengue fever also inflict some 12,000 people on the Islamic country and continue to spreed among the rich and poor on the said country.

Accord ing to reports, dengue is one of the most deadly disease in the world today since it affects between 50 and 100 million people in the tropics and subtropics each year, resulting in fever, muscle and joint ache. But it can also be fatal, developing into hemorrhagic fever and shock syndrome, which is characterised by bleeding and a loss of blood pressure. The disease is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Pakistani health officials said dengue fever spread fast in the country due to the prolonged monsoon rains and unusually high seasonal temperatures. However, local residents said the dengue outbreak is due to the government’s inefficiency, citing a failure to take preventive measures to kill off the mosquitoes and lengthy power cuts. With the huge number of people killed and inflicted by dengue, Pakistani officials vowed to work even harder to finally put a stop to the spread of disease in their country.