Hundreds of Protestors Arrested in New York

Approximately five hundred protestors were arrested Saturday on the Brooklyn Bridge after they stepped off the pedestrian pathway into the road and blocked a lane of traffic for several hours. The protestors were protesting against global warming, social inequality, corporate greed, and many other grievances. This group called themselves “Occupy Wall Street” and has been camped out in a plaza for almost two weeks in Manhattan’s Financial District. They had not only made an impromptu trek to Brooklyn but have also staged various marches.

The protestors walked on the sidewalk up to the Brooklyn Bridge and then some of them went into the roadway. They were told to stay on the pedestrian walkway but some did not follow the police instructions and were arrested on accusations of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges.

Some of the protestors are trying to claim that they did not hear the calls from the police to go to the pedestrian walkways or that they were lured into the roadway but the police say that no one was tricked into being arrested on any charge. The ones in the back of the protest march were allowed to leave. There were multiple warnings given before the police started to make any arrests.

In addition, on Saturday morning there had already been two peaceful marches that had crossed the bridge without any trouble. One was a march against poverty and the other march was an opposition to genetically modified foods.