Twenty Month Old Toddler Killed By Pit Bulls

In Conway, Massachusetts a twenty month old toddler was attacked and killed on Friday by as many as three bit bills. After being called by a downstairs neighbor, the police found the toddler, who was in a top floor apartment, on the floor unconscious and bleeding. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead when she arrived.

The police managed to subdue and remove the three dogs from the three story building after the people in the apartment locked the dogs in another room. All three of the dogs were euthanized and although the police believe all three of the dogs were involved in the attack they are going to have to wait to be sure after a post-mortem examination is done on the dogs.

At this time the investigation is still ongoing. They have not said if any charges would be filed nor do they know if the child was alone when the attack happened. They do not know if the child lived in the apartment with family or if she was with family who was visiting friends that lived in the apartment. They also do not know what provoked the dogs to attack the child or any of the adults in the apartment tried to do anything to save the child. All they do know is that the call about the child came from a downstairs neighbor.