President Obama Considers Himself Underdog In 2012 Election

Incumbent United States President Barrack Obama is not too upbeat about his chances of reelection in the 2012 presidential election. President Obama, in a recent media interview, admitted he is the underdog in the forthcoming election due to the current bad economic status of the US. The president admitted  that the current economic state of America is still the same as four years ago when he took over the presidency.

He said the unemployment rate among American people is just too high at the moment. Despite his underdog status, Obama said he remains confident he can pull out a surprise and win the election next year.  Obama said unlike the Republicans, he has a clear vision for the future of America and he is hoped the American public will support his reelection bid in 2012.

The President said his proposed American Jobs Act will put construction workers, teachers and veterans to work and give “more consumers more confidence. Moreover, Obama said the 2012 race is a “contest of values and vision” and a referendum on whether Americans believed the government should invest now in long-term improvements in education and infrastructure. The president said if the public will give him a second chance to rule the country in 2012, he will do his best to improve their lives and make the country even better for many years to come.