Simon Cowell Admits Lofty Projections For ‘X Factor’ Wrong

Always controversial British singing judge Simon Cowell has admitted his projection that his newest reality television singing competition will topple other programs on its time-slot is too lofty to achieved. Cowell said it was a mistake on his part when he said that a ratings less than 20 million for “The X Factor”would be a failure. He explained that he now realizes that such high aspiration cannot be achieved overnight since other television programs on its time-slot are also very competitive.

It can be recalled that when X Factor debuted on television last September it only netted 12.5 million viewers, way behind the premiere of the comedy “Modern Family,” the leader of the night with 14.5 million viewers.  Cowell who judges and produces the show said unlike in Russia where there is only one reality singing television on television, in America there are at least two others Fox’s “American Idol” and NBC’s “The Voice,” which averaged 12.6 million viewers an episode in its first season earlier this year.

Despite his failure t o capture the top spot in the ratings game, Simon is very confident that his newest show will become a hit and will last long on television. Aside from Cowell, other prominent judges of the show were producer LA Reid and veteran singers Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.