Somali Pirates Gets Life Term for Death Of 4 Americans

Two Somali pirates were given life terms sentenced each for their roles in the hijacking of two American couples who were kidnapped and later killed by the accused and other pirates last February. Muhidin Salad Omar, 30, and Mahdi Jama Mohamed were found guilty by court on the kidnapping and eventually fatal shooting of two American couples: Scott Underwood Adam, Jean Savage Adam, Phyllis Patricia Macay and Robert Campbell Riggle.

Judge Michael Davis ruled the prosecution panel were able to sufficiently proved the guilt of the suspects to their pending crime. Based on court records, the two convi cted pirates and some companions hijacked  S/V Quest off the Somali coast where the four Americans were on-board. The accused later killed the victims after the negotiations for their ransom bugged down.

However, alert U.S. military forces arrested the two pirates after the deadly piracy incident. According to reports, piracy is quite common off the coast of Somalia were Somali pirates hijacked vessels in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, making tens of millions of dollars in ransoms by seizing ships, including oil tankers, and hostages.