Scranton, PA Boy Locked in Coffin By Parents

In Scranton, Pennsylvania the police are searching for the mother and step-father of a seven year old boy who was found on September 26th by police sitting in the doorway of the basement of his home. He was wearing a diaper and crying because he said that he was hungry. The seven year old boy told the police that after he came home from school his step-father locked him in a coffin which was kept shut by a chair. The little boy was able to finally escape by pushing it open.

According to court documents the little boy said that in the past his step-father would use duct tape to make sure the coffin would stay shut. He was often punished by being put into the basement where his mother told him ghosts lived. His mother and step-father would rattle chains to scare him. Sometimes instead of taping him in the coffin they would duct tape him to a chair. He told the police that he had to wear a diaper because there was not a working bathroom down in the basement. Sometimes he would be locked down in the basement for a full day.

The little boy has not stated the reasons for such a punishment. The neighbors had heard him crying and called the police. At this time the seven year old is with a welfare agency for children. The police have issued warrants for his mother who is twenty-six years old and his step-father who is thirty-one years old on charges of unlawful restraint and endangering the welfare of a child. At this time the police do not know where they are to serve the warrants.