No Sarah Palin In 2012 US Presidential Election

The would be contenders for president in the 2012 elections has been narrowed down to just a few remaining candidates. This developed after former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has decided not to join the race after a careful thought and discussion with her family. In a statement, Palin said she and her husband Todd has decided at the moment to devote themselves to God, family and country.

Palin said she is also not keen on running as a third party candidate since it can result in an outright reelection to the presidential bid of United States President Barrack Obama. Without Palin in the political picture for next year’s presidential race, expected to contest for the Republican presidential nomination are former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom party insiders see as the strongest contenders. Libertarian-leaning Rep. Ron Paul of Texas continues to draw a devoted following and former pizza company executive Herman Cain has gained in recent polls.

Politcal experts said the decision of Palin not run is expected since her popularity has declined lately. The experts said many Republicans felt she waited and teased too long about her presidential plan.