Semen in Free Food Samples at Grocery Store

If you are shopping in a grocery store and someone offers you a free sample of some type of food think twice about eating it. The reason is that in January a worker in a grocery store in Albuquerque, New Mexico was handing out samples of yogurt….that was tainted with semen. Yes, you read it right, yet another idiot with a penis thinks a woman would like to taste his semen. He put some of his semen on a plastic spoon that he had yogurt on. He then went up to a female customer and offered her a sample, which she took.

The woman said that the sample tasted so bad that she spit it out on the floor several times, and then wiped her mouth on the clothes she was wearing to get the awful taste out of her mouth. The investigators took the clothes she was wearing and some samples of the spit from the floor for evidence. It is not known how this store clerk was caught but he was linked by DNA samples to the yogurt.

The thirty-two year old store clerk on Thursday October 6th has pleaded guilty to making false statements to federal investigators because he liked to them about the incident and charges of adulterating food. He admitted what he had done because of the terms of his plea agreement. He faces up to 3 years of prison which will be followed by 3 years of supervised release. He was arrested in July and has been in federal custody since then. His sentencing date has yet to be scheduled.