Florida Teenager Impersonated Physician’s Assistant

A seventeen year old teenager impersonated a physician’s assistant and treated patients at a Florida hospital for two weeks before being found out. He is being charged with six felony counts and will be tried as an adult in court. He is being charged on four counts of practicing medicine without a license and two counts of impersonating a physician’s assistant.

Each of these charges is a third-degree felony charge. Under Florida law, a third-degree felony charge carries a punishment of a five thousand dollar fine and a maximum of five years in prison. The seventeen year old was arrested on September 2nd. The teenager managed to acquire an employee access badge in his own name at this particular hospital, Osceola Regional Medical Center when he was working as a billing clerk at a doctor’s office in Kissimmee. It is a hospital that is located near the theme parks in the central part of Florida.

According to the police this teenager performed CPR on a cardiac patient in the emergency room for five minutes, performed a physical exam of at least one male patient that was disrobed, had access to patient’s confidential medical records and attended their consultations with the doctors plus changed bandages on other patients. The teenager raised alarms among the staff when he tried to get access to areas of the hospital that were restricted.

The teenager told the employees in the emergency room that he was a student from Nova University. He said that he was at the hospital as part of his clinical education and that he was suppose to shadow physician’s assistants.