Rice Wine Kills 9 In Cambodia

Rice Wine Kills 9 In CambodiaA funeral ceremony turned even more tragic in Cambodia, after nine people were killed after drinking rice wine during the occasion. Cambodian police authorities said aside from the casualties, 76 people were also hospitalized also for drinking a tainted rice wine offered in the occasion.

Doctors in Cambodia are now studying the rice wine to determine what caused it to kill people who drank it. Authorities said the incident happened in Western Pursat where wine drinkers suffered vomiting, dizziness after drinking the liquor. This early doctors said th e wine might have contained high levels of methanol or ethanol that made it deadly to people who will drink it.

The incident is the second one to happen in the Southeast Asian country, after 17 Cambodians also died inĀ  eastern Kampong Cham province after drinking rice wine out of a bottle previously used for weed killer. Moreover, it was learned that compared to other liquors, rice wine is more cheaper but can be deadly if no mixed properly.