Parkour: The New Deadly Trend. What is Parkour? [VIDEO]

Parkour: The New Deadly Trend.  What is Parkour? [VIDEO]Well it seems Parkour is taking the world by storm, yet we here at California Examiner hadn’t really heard about it until we saw this insane video.  The video is a compilation of the worst Parkour fail videos.  While some them are funny, a lot of them show grotesque injuries that surely maim and kill the not so well trained Parkour wanna be. Kind of made us sick.  See the video below.

What is Parkour?  Parkour, sometimes called PK for short, is a method of movement focused on speed, agility and efficiency, to get around obstacles.  Parkour apparently originated in France, and involves vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping everyday obstacles.  Obstacles can literally involve anything: from houses, walls, fences, cliffs, benches, and much much more.

Based on the Parkour video fail I’d say it’s not a very forgiving “sport” for newbies, with plenty of opportunity to maim, gouge, disable, break bones, bruise, and even kill unsuspecting participants.  A conspiracy theorist might even wonder if doctors and hospitals concocted this “sport” as a means to increase revenues.

It seems a whole Parkour industry has sprung up around the death defying, or sometimes death contributing, sport.  A cursory search shows a variety of business selling a wide range of Parkour gear and services:

Parkour Shoes  – lots of shoe companies have jumped in here: Nike, K-Swiss, Five Ten Chase, Amazon, PUMA,

Parkour Training – A ton of websites are offering Parkour Training, such as,,

Parkour Game

Parkour Videos – there are tons of Parkour videos on YouTube, some good, some sickening.

Learn Parkour

How To Parkour

Parkour Moves

and the list goes on……

Anyways, if you think you can handle the mayhem and injuries, here’s the Parkour fail video from youtube.