Minors Banned From Using Tanning Beds in California

Minors Banned From Using Tanning Beds in CaliforniaCalifornia is the first state to ban minors from using a tanning bed after the governor signed a bill on Sunday. If you are under the age of eighteen you cannot use a tanning bed in California. Previously the state had only banned minors under the age of fourteen from using a tanning bed but if you were between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years of age you could use a tanning bed as long as you had parental consent.

This bill was just one of many that the legislation signed on Sunday which was designed to improve the well being and health of Californians. The main reason that the bill was signed was to help protect the children from being subjected to a lethally dangerous ultraviolet-emitting radiation that comes from tanning beds.

Using a tanning bed can be dangerous and cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is an epidemic that is rising and is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths for women that are between the ages of twenty-five and twenty-nine. Tanning beds not only can cause skin cancer but it can make your skin look leathery, making a person look older than they really are.

On January 1, 2012 the law will go into effect.