Environmentally Friendly Cremations

Resomator Cremation Environmentally Friendly Cremation
Credit Ross Parry Syndication/Yorkshire Evening Post
A funeral home in St. Petersburg, Florida became the first in the world to offer a new alternative to the traditional burials and cremations. The funeral home is offering what it is calling an “environmentally friendly chemical process” to get rid of the body. Instead of using fire to dissolve the body, they are performing bio-cremation, which uses a chemical reaction.

This new procedure uses an accelerated chemical reaction. This is like what happens to a body when they are put in the ground. The process involves electric heat, pressurized water, and potassium hydroxide to generate this reaction. By using this new accelerated chemical reaction, the funeral home is able to achieve what would takes months or even years for nature to achieve in just a matter of hours. The person who developed this technique is a Scottish born biochemist by the name of Sandy Sullivan.

If you chose this new method, they place the body in a machine made of steel, which looks like an oversize washing machine that they call the “Resomator.” The body is submerged in a chemical bath so the remains can be broken down by a process that is known as”Alkaline Hydrolysis.” The procedure uses water at high temperatures. The solution that the body is put in contains alkali, which is a substance that is found in liquid soaps and cosmetics. It takes just a little longer than cremations by heat.

After the bones and ash are removed and put in urns for the family, the chemical solution, which is a sterile based solution, is poured down the drain.