NBA Will Not Start On November 1, First Two Weeks Cancelled

NBA Will Not Start On November 1, First Two Weeks CancelledThe feared cancellation of the forthcoming National Basketball Association is now taking shape. The NBA officials has decided to cancel the first two weeks of the next NBA season which supposedly would start on November 1. With the cancellation, the NBA season would tentatively start on November 14.

No less than NBA commissioner David Stern announced the cancellation of the games, after both the players and team owners failed to reached a deal to sign a new collective bargaining agreement. Stern said season ticket holders will get a refund of their ticket purchases due to the cancellation of the NBA games. Players Association (NBPA) president Derek Fisher, of theĀ  Los Angeles Lakers, said the move was not a surprise.

Fisher said they expected for such a move to happen, and hoped the incident would be an eye opener for team owners that they are firm with their dec ision for a better pay in the next NBA season. NBA fans around the world, for their part hoped a new NBA CBA deal will be signed soon, so that the entire NBA season will not be scrapped.

The economic effects of the NBA lockout are already being felt by Madison Square Gardens, as the news of two weeks of NBA cancelled has caused MSG shares to plummet at the open of trading, though shares have recovered somewhat since that initial drop.