Parents Alarmed Over Marijuana Shaped Candy

Parents Alarmed Over Marijuana Shaped CandyNo, the candy that is showing up on store shelves around the country will not get your kid’s high but officials are worried that it may make kids want to try the real thing. This candy is being sold as “Pothead Lollipops,” and “Pothead Ring Pots.” There are also other types of bagged candy being distributed to retail stores. You can also buy it online for a dollar for a lollipop and one dollar and fifty cents for a pack of 3 rings. It has been on the market for 6 to 9 months and in one thousand stores around the country.

Along with the candy, there is also fake marijuana that is being sold as incense but is smoked. This type of synthetic, or fake, marijuana contains dried plant material that is sprayed with just one of several chemical compounds. The organic leaves that are coated with these chemical provide a marijuana like high when they are smoked.

The lollipops and bags of “Pothead Sour Gummy Candy are shaped like marijuana leaves but the candy contains nothing illegal. The candy has a sour apple-flavor but on the leaf there is a joint-smoking peace sign waving user and the word “Legalize” on the package.