Kansas Man Gets Death For Killing His Family Of Four

Kansas Man Gets Death For Killing His Family Of FourA man in Kansas gets the supreme penalty of death for killing his estranged wife, their two daughters and his wife’s grandmother in 2009. A court in the United States found James Kraig Kahler guilty of shooting to death is 44-year-old wife Karen, her 89-year-old grandmother Dorothy Wight, and the Kahlers’ two daughters, 18-year-old Emily and 16-year-old Lauren, while they were arguing over their divorce.

Based on court records, the accused was very angry at his wife for instigating divorce proceedings against him. Kahler was also bitter at his two children for siding with their mother in their divorce battle. The lawyer of the accused defended that their client was having a deep depr ession that drove him to kill his own families. Weighting all pieces of evidence presented by both defense and prosecution panel,  Osage County Judge Phillip Fromme declare him guilty to his crime and imposed the death sentenced on him.