New York Lawyer Charged In Immigration Fraud Mill

New York Attorney charged in Immigration Fraud MillOn Tuesday in Canada, a New York attorney was arrested on charges that he was running an immigration fraud mill, which had filed many thousands of bogus United States immigration applications. The attorney, Earl Seth David, is being accused of running a scheme in which over nearly fifteen years, his Manhattan law practice had submitted at least twenty-five thousand immigration applications. These applications were mainly based on fake claims in which United States companies had sponsored these particular immigrants for employment in the United States. The accused attorney was charging up to thirty thousand dollars per client, which netted him millions of dollars.

The attorney was one of twelve people in connection with the scheme whose indictment was unsealed on Tuesday. The attorney continued to run the scheme even after he was suspended in 2004 from practicing law in New York. In 2006, he fled to Canada where he is not waiting for extradition.

The people who are charged in this scheme include the employees of his law offices. They are the ones who created the documents to support the immigration applications. In addition, also a Labor Department employee who assisted in this scheme who is being charged and the accountants who created the fake tax returns for the sponsor companies that was fictitious. All of these people are being indicted on several charges, which include mail fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Each of these charges carries a penalty of up to twenty years in prison.