General Motors Announces Chevy Spark EV Electric Car

General Motors Announces Chevy Spark EV Electric CarIn 2013, General Motors will begin selling a new smaller totally electric car called the “Chevy Spark EV.” It will be sold in other countries and in a limited market in the United States. This car is smaller than your typical compact and is a few inches shorter than a Mini Cooper. The Chevy Spark is being called a minicar. Early next year, there will be a gasoline version of this car on sale.

At the end of 2010, General Motors began selling the Chevrolet Volt, which was a plug-in type car that could go approximately thirty-five miles on a battery that was fully charged before it switched to a gasoline engine in order to generate electricity for driving farther. They had expected to sell ten thousand of these cars by the end of 2011 but so far, they have only sold approximately four thousand. When the new Chevy Spark EV goes on sale, it will be joining a crowded market of plug-in cars. The reason is that almost every automaker is planning to offer at least one plug-in car by the end of 2012.

General Motors is stating that the Chevy Spark EV will offer customers that live in urban areas who have short commutes or a predictable driving patter an all-electric option. It has not been announced yet what the price is going to be for neither the car nor the driving range.