Is Africa The Next U.S. War Zone

Is Africa The Next U.S. War ZoneThe United States, under the Obama administration, is sending approximately one hundred U.S. troops into one of the bloodiest conflicts in central Africa to advise but not engage in combat. Now if they are forced to defend themselves, then they can engage in combat. The troops are being sent there to support a fight that has been going on for years against a group of guerrilla fighters who are accused of horrific atrocities.

According to a letter to Congress the U.S. troops are being sent there to just assist local forces in their long-running fight against what is considered one of Africa’s ruthless rebel groups, “Lord’s Resistance Army.” They are also going to hunt down its leader “Joseph Kony.” There are some troops already based in Djibouti and some small groups have been deployed to Somalia. What the United States is doing now by sending this small group of soldiers to help the African nations with putting down insurgencies is not something that the United States traditionally does.

One reason that the United States is sending troops is that it is demonstrating the escalating fears about and attention to security risks in Africa. This includes unstable nations, piracy, and terror networks according to the Obama administration. This move of sending troops there is intended to show some type of engagement in hopes that it will lessen the impact of one of the worst protracted wars found in Africa today.

The majority of the deployed troops will be special operation troops. They are being sent there to give combat training to the African units and to provide security. This small group of soldiers are highly skilled in disrupting insurgency networks.