Top Places to Unplug and Unwind on Vacation

top unplugged vacation spotsIf you have had a bad day at work and just want to go somewhere to unwind and not have to worry about your Smartphone, or iPhone ringing, or have to do work on your laptop or tablet, here are some places that you can go to unplug and unwind.


  • Hana Hotel, Hawaii–this hotel is often referred to as “Heavenly Hana” and is located on Maui. It is fifty-two miles of winding, narrow miles from the airport and has some of the best beaches on the island. There are beautiful black sand beaches, and waterfalls. The cottages there do not include phones, radios, or televisions.
  • Mary Jane’s Farm, Idaho–this is a working farm that is located in Moscow, Idaho and there is no electricity on this farm. This place is off the grid and the accommodations are called “Wall Tents.” In them, you will have an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, wood stove, and an outdoor bathtub with claw feet. If you want to have a shower or go to the toilet, you can walk over to the shower house and outhouse.
  • Treenbones Resort, California–this place is in Big Sur and is perched above the Pacific Ocean. Here you will stay in what they call “yurts,” which are wood lattice frames with circular fabric structures. They do have running water, your own redwood deck, and electricity but no television or WiFi. There is a sushi restaurant and a pool.
  • Little Palm Island and Spa, Florida–you can only get there by boat and there are no televisions or phones but there are air-conditioned cabins with indoor/outdoor showers and a balcony.
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