[VIDEO] McDonald’s Employee Fights Off Attackers, Gets Fired

In an absurd turn of events, a McDonalds employee was fired, after defending himself against multiple attackers. That’s right, he defends his personal safety and those of his co-workers, and for his efforts, the cowardly McDonalds management has fired his ass.

After so many recent fights in McDonalds restaurants, not to mention the disgusting fatty foods, it’s a wonder anyone even eats at Mcdonalds anymore. But I digress.

In this video, going viral on YouTube, two skanks women get into a heated arguement, no doubt over something completely retarded. One of the women hits the man in the face and jumps up and over the counter, and the other skank woman walks around behind the counter. What would you do? Any sane man would grab the nearest weapon and defend themselves and get them the hell out of the kitchen. Well, thank god this man was sane, and he did just that. He grabbed a metal pole and gave the two idiots a well deserved beating to subdue them.

The man was attacked, physically and verbally assaulted, outnumbered, and threatened by two loud, fat, bitchy crack pot, meth heads and he protected himself and his fellow employees. He also protected Mcdonalds property. And what did he get for all his good work? HE got arrested for assault, and was fired by the low life management of McDonalds.

The man should be applauded, and is applauded by California Examiner. This is yet another example of the downfall of America.