Swine Flu Outbreak Infects 32 In Nicaragua

Swine Flu Outbreak Infects 32 In NicaraguaPeople in Nicaragua are now suffering big health wise due to the latest outbreak of the dreaded Swine Flu virus. The Nicaraguan health ministry, reported that H1N1 swine flu virus already infected 32 people in the country. Public health spokesman Carlos Saez revealed all those swine flu victims are now in stable condition and currently being treated of their disease in public hospitals across the Latin country.

Saez said most of the victims were located in the capital Managua and the adjacent Leon department. He assured the Nicaraguan people that they have nothing to fear since the government has already undertaken measures to control the virus. The virus is named swine flu because it is first found in pigs in April 2009.

Since the disease was discovered some 18,500 were already killed by it around the world. Nicaragua reported that in 2009, 11 people died of swine flu out of the 2,300 people inflicted by it.