Man, 100, Finishes Toronto International Marathon

Man, 100, Finishes Toronto International MarathonOn Sunday, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, the oldest person in the world completed a full distance marathon. For his accomplishment, Fauja Singh earned himself a spot in the Guinness World Records” although the race took him eight hours to finish. He was also the last one to complete the course, six hours after the winner crossed the finish line.

This was his eighth marathon race with the first one ran when he was eighty-nine years old. This is not his first record that he set. The first one was in 2003 when Fauja Singh set the mark in the category for ninety years plus category by finishing the race in five hours, forty minutes, and one second.

On Thursday he also broke the world records for runners that are older than one hundred years old in eight different distances. The distances ranged from one hundred meters to five thousand meters. He is hoping that he will be able to participate in the 2012 London Games in the torch relay. In 2004, he carried the torch during the relay for the Athens Games.