World Population To hit Seven Billion On October 31, 2011

World Population To hit Seven Billion On October 31, 2011According to the U. N. Population Fund, on October 31, 2011 there will be seven billion people that live on Earth worldwide. It will be an ironic milestone for Japan, Russia, and Western Europe where they are already worried about aging populations and low birthrates. The two most populous nations, India and China, this is a time for them to reassess their polices that have already helped to slow what was once rapid growth.

The news is sobering for Uganda, Burundi, and the rest of Africa in the sub-Sahara because this region of the world is already suffering the burden of the deepest poverty and the world’s highest birthrates. There are already almost nine million people in that region and in forty years, there could be as many as two billion people. Experts are saying that certain areas Pakistan, Afghanistan, and most of Africa will find it hard to furnish enough jobs, water, and food for the people there.

Here is how the population has expanded since the 1800’s.

  • One billion people in 1804
  • Two billion people in 1927 It took one hundred twenty three years to reach this number
  • Three billion people in 1959
  • Four billion people in 1974
  • Five billion people in 1987
  • Six billion people in 1998

According to studies done by the U. N. Population Fund, the project that the population will hit eight billion people by the year 2025, and by the year 2083, the population will hit ten billion people. These numbers could be lower or higher depending on several factors such as birth control, the average life expectancy, and the infant mortality rates. The life expectancy has gone from forty-eight years in 1950 to sixty-nine years today.