Heavy Rains Kill 66 In Central America

Heavy Rains Kill 66 In Central AmericaSixty six persons were reported killed in Central America due to heavy rains which triggered landslides and floods in the area. In Guatemala, some 28 people died and two others missing due to heavy flooding caused by the heavy rains which affected the country for the past two days. Because of the incident, Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom already declared a state of emergency that would be sent for approval to the congress on Monday.

In the nearby El Salvador, 24 people died of heavy flooding and landslides. El Salvador’s director of civil protection, Jorge Melendez said the country is now in a state of alert and ready for any more major disasters to come. Melendez revealed disasters workers are evacuating people from the area around a volcano near the capital of San Salvador, where hundreds died in landslides in 1982.

Moreover, in Honduras nine people died after floods damagedĀ  2,500 homes, eight bridges and 29 roads in the country. In Nicaragua, five people were also reported dead due to heavy flooding caused by successive rain in the region. <