Revenge Likely Motive In Deadly Southern California Shooting

Revenge Likely Motive In Deadly Southern California ShootingThe prosecutors handling the case of the deadly Southern California shooting is eyeing revenge as primary motive in the death of eight persons inside Salon Mirage in Seal Beach, Orange Country. Orange County’s top prosecutor Tony Rackauckas said the suspect Scott Dekraai shot dead his wife and eight other people out of revenge after the latter decided to end their marriage. Rackauckas said Dekraai is very angry with his wife that drove him to shot her dead along with some of her co-employees in the salon.

He said the 42-year-old suspect also wanted sole custody of their children that drove him to kill the victims. The prosecutor said with the gravity of his crime, they are seeking for the imposition of death penalty for the suspect. In the initial pol ice investigation, Dekraai suddenly arrived on the said salon and started shooting people without due reason.

During the assault two men and five women immediately died while a man and a women were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.  However, due to the gravity of their wounds the two other victims eventually died while being treated at the hospital. Dekraai hurriedly escaped on-board his car after the incident. Alert policemen arrested him in a follow-up operation half-mile from the crime scene. This early, policemen are eyeing personal grudge as motive in the deadly killing. <