Wild Animals Cause Zanesville, Ohio Lockdown

Zanesville, Ohio is under lockdown after dozens of wild animals have escaped from a private preserve. These wild animals include tigers, bears, and wolves. The owner of the preserve was found dead of unknown causes inside the preserve. Many of the animal cages were found to be unsecured. The owner of the preserve was just released from prison recently after servicing a year on federal weapons charges. He has been cited in the past for animal neglect and abuse.

At this time, they do not have an exact count on how many of the escaped animals have been killed but they figure it is around twenty-five. When daylight comes, they will be able to do a body count. The animals escaped around six in the evening on Tuesday and the residents were told to stay inside until all the animals are accounted for. Many of the schools across the area are closed today. The animals who have escaped are very big, aggressive, and mature and the police have been given the order to shoot to kill.

A fence surrounds the preserve and not all of the animals on the preserve fled through the gates. As many as forty-eight animals, although an exact count is not known, are on the loose across Zanesville, which has a population of approximately twenty-five thousand people. The animals on the loose include cheetahs, grizzly and black bears, a white Siberian tiger, giraffes, camels, wolves, and lions. There were chimps and orangutans found in cases in the man’s house.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has cordoned off approximately seven square miles near Interstate 70. The officers are putting food in the cages in hopes the animals will return to the preserve and are also using infrared devices to find the animals.