Massachusetts Named Most Energy Efficient State

Massachusetts named most energy efficient state, California drops to secondThe most energy efficient state in the nation is Massachusetts. The former leader, California, was pushed back into second place. For the past four years, California has held the top spot, which was when the annual reports by the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy began.

The next highest-ranking states on the list were Oregon, Vermont, New York, Washington, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maryland. It was the first time that Maryland hit the top ten lists. At the bottom of the scorecard were North Dakota, Mississippi, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kansas, West Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Alabama.

All of the states have kept their momentum toward having better energy efficiency in spite of obstacles. Some of those obstacles include tight state budgets, a sluggish economy, and the inability of Congress to adopt a comprehensive energy strategy.

The governor of Massachusetts stated that they made the number one spot due to aggressive goals that were set, which laid the foundation for greater energy efficiency. The budgets for electricity efficiency programs were three point four billion dollars in 2009 and rose to four point five billion dollars in 2010.

Some of the things that taken into consideration as to which state was the most energy efficient state included whether the states had incentives for people who used public transportation, land-use planning, and for driving high-efficiency vehicles. Approximately forty percent of the state’s energy efficiency score is based on the states efforts to use their utilities better.