Southgate Eatery’s Three Foot Tall Burger

Southgate Eatery's Three Foot Tall BurgerIn Detroit, Michigan, at Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill, they are trying to get their burger into the Guinness Book of World Records but it has yet to be validated. This eatery started out in 2008 with a burger that weighed one hundred thirty-four pounds and six months later, it weighed one hundred sixty-four pounds. In 2009, the weight was up to one hundred eighty-six pounds, and as of January 2011, it weighed three hundred nineteen pounds. On Thursday, October 20th, the restaurant made the biggest one yet at three hundred thirty-eight pounds.

This burger comes with fries and drinks and sells for two thousand dollars. So far, the restaurant has not sold any of the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger.” Everything for the hamburger is made in the restaurants traditional oven. It takes twenty-two hours to cook, including the one hundred pound buns.

If you want your burger fully dressed, that is going to take fifteen pounds of lettuce, thirty pounds of bacon, thirty-six pounds of cheese, and thirty pounds of tomatoes. They did not say if it came with ketchup, pickles, mustard, or onions.

The Travel Channel was there for the unveiling of this new monstrous burger to tape it for an upcoming Food Paradise program. There was also a large crowd on hand to see this burger and take pictures of it.