Alzheimer’s Shoes With GPS Devices

Alzheimer's Shoes With GPS DevicesThese shoes are the first of their kind and are set to hit the U.S. market this month. These shoes for patients who have Alzheimer’s disease will have built-in GPS devices. This will help caretakers and others track down these patients if they wander off and get lost. Patients with Alzheimer suffer from dementia and will just wander off if not watched closely and get lost. This is part of the suffering that these patients and their caretakers go through.

It was announced two years ago that plans were being made to develop this product, and the first batch of three thousand shoes have been shipped to the footwear firm Aetrex Worldwide. The shoes will cost three hundred dollars a pair. The buyer will be able to set up a monitoring service to locate their love ones. Although expensive, these shoes will likely save lives. They will also help to avoid costly and embarrassing incidents with the elderly. The patients in the earliest stages are the ones that are at the highest risk.

Many of the patients who are in the earliest stages of Alzheimer may still be living in their own homes and decide to go for a walk. They become confused and could get lost for days. At this time, there are more than five million people in the United States that are suffering from this debilitating disease. At least sixty percent will wander away and become lost. Many of these people are not found within twenty-four hours and may die from injury, dehydration, or many other reasons.