Creepy Places to Visit in the United States

Creepy Places to Visit in the United StatesHalloween is just around the corner and it is not just for children to go trick-or-treating. Although Halloween is on a Monday, there is still the weekend before or after. In fact, these places are not just for Halloween. They are good to visit for a scare any time.

Mutter Museum–Philadelphia, PA

This museum is a part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. When you visit this museum, you will find a collection of anatomical oddities such as a man’s giant colon and the body of a woman from 1830 whose fat turned soapy. There are twenty thousand items to see. You can also wander down the halls in the historical wing of the Pennsylvania Hospital where you can see the oldest surgical amphitheater in the world. Many surgeries were performed her from 1804-1886 such as amputations and tumor removals. Many were performed without anesthesia.

Haunted Galveston Island–Galveston, TX

In 1900, The Galveston Hurricane was the deadliest storm in history. It leveled Texas’s biggest city killing eight thousand people. Burying them was impossible and even those that were buried at sea washed back up on the beaches. Spirits here have a heavy presence, especially at the island’s oldest hotel, Hotel Galvez and Ashton Villa, a mansion that survived. You can see the aftermath of The Great Storm at the Texas Seaport Museum or visit the haunted house at Mayfield Manor that is open year-round.