Clinton Supports UN Plan To Probe Gadhafi’s Death

Clinton Supports UN Plan To Probe Gaddafi's DeathA ranking official of the administration of United States president Barrack Obama has expressed full support to calls for an investigation on the death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she fully supports the United Nations if it investigate the possible “execution” of Gaddafi since it is part of the road of Libya from being under a state of dictatorship to democracy.

Clinton said a the new government of should start strong with the rule of law and accountability. She said the process of unity and reconciliation in Libya can also begin if an investigation will be conducted to determine if Gaddafi die in a crossfire of had been killed by the rebels. The US official also took time to call on Libya’s Transitional National Council to also investigate Gaddafi’s death to show that they are firm on its quest of democracy by punishing its members who might have killed Gaddafi after his arrest.

UN earlier expressed desire to conduct an investigation on the death of Gadhafi after video footages have shown that he was captured wounded and alive. Later in the same video the wounded Gaddafi is already seen dead. The UN said if ever it is proven that Gaddafi had been intentionally killed it is considered a war crime that constitute severe punishment to those who will violate it.