Filthy Surfaces our Hands Touch

Filthy Surfaces our Hands TouchDuring an average day many people do not think about how many filthy surfaces their hands touch. They may think about the dirty handles of the sinks and toilets in public restrooms, or the door knobs at their work place but there are many others that many just do not think of. One really filthy surface that your hands touch is the handle of the gas pump. This is one of the filthiest surfaces that anyone can touch. When you stop and think about it, hundreds of hands touch the handle a day.

A team of hygienists took swabs of many surfaces of everyday objects around six cities in the United States in order to find out what the worse breeding grounds were for viruses and bacteria. The biggest offenders after gas pump handles include public mailbox handles, ATM buttons, escalator rails, parking meters, vending machine buttons, and crosswalk buttons.

They have analyzed the swabs of these various surfaces for levels of “adenosine triphosphate”. This will let them know if there is a presence of vegetable, animal, mold, yeast, bacteria cells,. The highest levels that they found suggest that they can be transmitting illness. The test swabs were done in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Before the germs leave your skin, they can transfer 7 times from their hands. To help prevent the spreading of germs and to keep from getting sick, you should wash your hands as soon as possible. You can also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car.