Brooklyn New York Cops Charged in Gun Smuggling Ring

Brooklyn New York Cops Charged in Gun Smuggling RingOn Tuesday eight policemen from New York were charged with helping to run a gun smuggling ring. This happened in a city where the mayor is leading a campaign against illegal guns. The policemen are accused of exploiting their credentials and experience to take part in this scheme. This not only involved guns but also cigarettes, counterfeit goods, and slot machines. All these were being transported illegally across state lines.

Of the policemen who were charged, one was retired, two of the policemen were on active duty part of the time, and the other five were active duty officers. Most of them worked in the same precinct in Brooklyn. All of the goods that were smuggled across state lines had a street value of more than one million dollars. The scheme happened over the past year. In addition to the policemen who were charged, there was also a New Jersey corrections officer, a former New York City Department of Sanitation Police officer, and 2 other men.

These men are being accused of transporting twenty firearms. These firearms included a shot gun, sixteen handguns, and three M-16 rifles from New Jersey to New York. Many of the weapons had altered or obliterated serial numbers. The policemen were caught because of a sting operation that began in New Jersey. The men received the guns from an undercover agent and were delivered to New York to another undercover agent. At least ninety percent of the illegal guns that are confiscated by the police of New York City come from other states.