5 Taliban Leaders Killed By US Drone Attack In Pakistan

5 Taliban Leaders Killed By US Drone Attack In PakistanThe United States Armed Forces stepped up big in its efforts to weed out terrorists in Pakistan. According to reports, a US drone killed five Taliban commanders in Pakistan’s tribal border on Thursday. The American forces hail the successful op eration by these remotely-piloted drone since these terrorists leaders were behind the attack of Western forces in Afghanistan.

The US military officials identified four of the five slain Taliban commanders as Hazrat Omar, Nazir’s younger brother, Khan Mohammad, Miraj Wazir and
Ashfaq Wazir. The American soldiers credited the strong Pakistani intelligence in the successful operation. The military said the slain commanders belonged to the Maulvi Nazir faction of Pakistan’s Taliban, which carries out cross-border attacks from its strongholds in South Waziristan.

So far this year, the drone attack already killed 325 suspected terrorists in Pakistan. Authorities in Pakistan hoped the drones will launched more attacks to finally weed out all the terrorists operating in Pakistan.