Edible Spray Paint for Food?

Edible Spray Paint for FoodYes, you read that right. There is a company that now makes edible spray paint so you can spray your food a variety of colors. You can get this spray in colors that include black, gold, red, and silver. It is one hundred percent edible and just contains a few ingredients that include numerous food colorings and ethyl alcohol. The company says the food spray is completely tasteless and does nothing but enhance the food. This new spray paint is called Food Finish.

The German based company that is making this new edible food spray is called Deli Garage. It is a small local company that specializes in food coloring and is going to offer this unique product to consumers via an online store. Each can will cost approximately thirty-five U.S. dollars. There will be about 100ml in each can. This should cover several large meals.

Imagine your guest’s faces when they come for Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey is gold or silver. It could even be used to make your Christmas dinner the traditional colors of red and green. The possibilities are endless, if you have thirty-five dollars to spend on a can of edible spray paint. There will probably be a shipping and handling fee also but that is not mentioned.

The spray should not have any problem passing the requirements of the FDA but there is a shipping problem that is delaying the debut of it in the United States so you may have to wait until next year for the silver or gold turkey.