Northeast Gets hit by Rare Noreaster Snow Storm

Northeast Gets hit by Rare Noreaster Snow StormA rare Noreaster snowstorm raced up the Northeast coast on Saturday and caused electric outages to more than two million people, many of which may not have power restored until Wednesday. It also forced cancellations of many airline flights, caused three deaths, and put a big damper on trick or treating for the little ones Monday night.

One death was caused by an accident on a slippery highway, one was caused by a man accidentally stepping on a downed live wire, and the third death was a freak accident when an eighty-four year old man was napping in his recliner and a snow laden tree fell through his house.

At this time four states, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, have declared weather emergencies. A snow record in New York‘s Central Park, which has stood since 1925, was broken with almost an inch and a half of snow. The snow is expected to stop falling by late Sunday in New England. Some areas of Massachusetts had up to two feet of snow in some areas. Other areas in the emergency declared states had up to a foot of snow. Some area also had to deal with high winds, which in some areas reached fifty-five miles per hour.

Normally, it is December before New England has its first measurable snow and in October, the high is usually in the mid-fifties. The one good thing that has come out of this freakish snow storm is that two ski resorts in Vermont and one in Maine have opened early this weekend.