No Full NBA Season If Lockout Is Resolved

No NBA Full Season If Lockout Is ResolvedThe probability that the entire National Basketball Association season will be scrapped this year is getting closer to reality.  NBA commissioner David Stern has decided to cancel all the games scheduled through November 30 this year. With his recent order, there is no longer a chance of a full 82-game season this year.

Stern for his part said he decided to cancel more games in the schedule of the supposed 2011-2012 NBA season since both the players union and team owners had yet to sign a new collective bargaining agreement.  According to reports, the NBA lockout remains in effect after the recent closed-door meeting between the players and owners did not yield a positive result for both parties. Sources said the impasse still centered on the NBA not wanting teams over the salary cap and paying luxury tax to be able to use the mid-level and bi-annual exceptions.  The players want it allowed.

Owners believed the players were prepared to take a 50-50 split on BRI if the system issues were agreed upon. Players Association executive director Billy Hunter revealed they are disappointed with the continued lockout but they need to stick to their original quest of better pay for the players in the years to come in the NBA. NBA fans around the world for their part hoped the players and owners can resolved their disagreement soon so that the next NBA season will not be cancelled.