Was Rick Perry Drunk During His Cornerstone Speech?

Was Rick Perry Drunk During His Cornerstone SpeechThe GOP race is a continuous source of sad commentary on the state of politics and politicians in general, and of course, a great source of hilarious unintentional?  comedy too.  And Rick Perry takes the cake on unintentional comedy.  You can skip to the bottom for a popular Youtube video Rick Perry’s Cornerstone Speech highlights.

After watching this insane video of Rick Perry’s cornerstone speech highlights, we have just a few questions (as do the hundreds of thousand of viewers):

1.  Was Rick Perry drunk during this speech?

2.  If not drunk, did he have a (several) mild stroke (s)?

3.  Was it in fact an imposter Will Ferrell doing an impersonation of George W Bush?

4. Is Rick Perry gay?  (2:47)

5.  Is this the BEST the GOP can do?

6.  Is this the BEST America can do?

7.  Rick Perry makes Sarah Palin look like a genius.  (We know, this isn’t a question, but felt it had to be said)

Anyways, here’s the Rick Perry Cornerstone Speech highlights: