NATO Set To End Air Raid On Libya After 7 Month Campaign

NATO Set To End Air Raid On Libya After 7 Month CampaignNow that the regime of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is no more, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces have decided to end its seven-month campaign in Libya to overthrow the administration of Gadhafi. NATO spokesperson Col. Roland Lavoie said NATO staff temporarily sent to the headquarters in Naples, Italy, for the operation are being reassigned to regular duties.

Lavoie said the NATO intervention in Libya will officially end on Monday. It can be recalled that after the United Nations Security Council authorized NATO to help in Libya, the allies forces carried out 9,600 strike sorties in the past seven months, destroying about 5,900 military targets. The NATO operation is considered a success since it help in overthrowing the regime of Gadhafi while limiting civilian casualties.

Despite its success, NATO was also embroiled in controversy as only eight of the 28 member states agreeing to participate in the bombing. Among the nations opposing the NATO intervention in Libya were Russia, China, the African Union, and other governments who all have argued that NATO misused the limited U.N. resolution imposing a no-fly zone and authorizing the protection of civilians as a pretext to promote regime change.