[VIDEO] Miami Police Officer Arrested After Cruiser Chase By Florida Highway Patrol

[VIDEO] Miami Police Officer Arrested After Cruiser Chase By Florida Highway PatrolIn a great riveting and tense video released on youbube, a Florida Highway Patrol officer chases a Miami Police Cruiser down a busy south Florida highway. Eventually the Miami Police car driver pulls over.  Is it a thief?  Nope…It’s just Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez, who is late for his OFF DUTY job at a private school!

That’s right.  This idiot off duty officer recklessly endangered the citizens and drivers on this Florida highway so he wouldn’t be too late for his off duty job, which he was driving to in the Miami Police Department cruiser.

Lopez was chased down by the Florida Highway Patrol officer and after a lengthy pursuit, with speeds reaching 120 mph, and Lopez weaving back and forth across the Florida Turnpike lanes to avoid traffic, he finally decided to pull over to see what the problem was.  He was taken from the car at gunpoint, handcuffed and arrested  and charged with reckless driving by the FHP officer.

Naturally, as is always the case in the land of bizarre and poor decision making ability, Lopez is still assigned to regular duty with the Miami Police Department.  He can’t seem to be reached for comment.  He’s still on duty as douchebag Cmdr Delrish Moss says:  ..”at this point it’s a traffic offense.”   It seems Cmdr Douchebag doesn’t see, at this point, that the office was endangering the lives of his fellow Florida citizens, ignoring a police officer chasing him with flashing lights and sound, while driving a car paid for by the taxpayers of Florida, to a PRIVATE, OFF DUTY job.

One can only hope this idiot is fired for his actions, along with the Commander for his lack of action in this matter.   But of course they’ve got the protection of the union, and unions were invented to protect the stupid, and the inept.

Here’s the video of the Florida Highway Patrol’s chase of a marked Miami Police cruiser.