California Girl Gets $10 Million In Malpractice Settlement

California Girl Gets $10 million In Malpractice SettlementThe money may not be enough to ease her pain, but a girl in California who suffered many amputations in her body still had reasons to smile these days. Malaysia Jeffers is set to receive $10 million after a local hospital in California has agreed to settle with her family regarding the medical malpractice they filed earlier against the medical facility. According to reports, Sacramento’s Methodist Hospital has agreed to give the money to Jeffers as settlement to the suit filed by the girl’s family.

Based on court records, Jeffers suffers amputation in her extremities due to a lengthy emergency room delay. The parents of Jeffers then two years old earlier brought her to the Sacramento’s Methodist Hospital for a fever, skin discoloration and weakness. She was not given an immediate medical attention since the doctor only attended to her after five hours. She was later flown to Stanford University’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Stanford doctors discovered that Streptococcus a bacteria had invaded the girl’s blood and organs.

Doctors later amputated her feet, her left hand and part of her right hand as remedy to her medical condition. It was learned that although many of Jeffers medical costs were covered by insurance, the family still has hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, leaving the family broke. The parents of the victim hoped their girl can still live a normal life in the future despite her ordeal.