Four Men Arrested in Georgia Plot To Make Ricin

Four Men Arrested in Georgia Plot To Make RicinTuesday, November 1st, four men from Georgia were arrested on accusations that they were plotting to produce a biological toxin that was deadly and to buy explosives. They are accused of planning to use these things to attack United States government officials and citizens. These men were members of a fringe militia group. For their attack, they had planned to manufacture ricin.

According to the FBI, they were monitoring meeting beginning in March where the group was discussing committing crimes to undermine state and federal government, including murder. Some of their targets included buildings of the federal government police officers, and employees who worked at agencies such as the IRS. A couple of the men that were arrested had med with an undercover agent to talk about purchasing weapon parts and explosives. The men arrested were in their sixties and one was in his seventies.

One of the men arrested said he had a list of everyone that he felt should be taken out in order to make the United States right again. In a September meeting it was discussed about making ten pounds of ricin and then dispersing it in different cities in the United States. One scenario they were contemplating was letting the toxin blow from a car as it traveled on the Atlanta highways.

This toxin, ricin, can kill you if you are exposed to as little amount the size of a pin head. Most people who are exposed to this toxin die between thirty-six and seventy-two hours after being exposed. Unfortunately, there is no antidote. The four men are being charged with planning to attack the government and their own fellow citizens.