In the Northeast, Power Still Out For Over One Million Citizens

In the Northeast, Power Still Out For Over One Million CitizensPeople are tired, frustrated, and cold because they have been without power since that freak snowstorm hit their area over the weekend. There are approximately one point six million people still without power all over the Northeast and some of the residents have been told it may take ten days to get their electricity back on. This early winter storm hit from Maine to West Virgina. Most of the trouble is stemming from downed limbs from trees and power lines.

At the top of the storm, in Connecticut, there were more than eight hundred thousand homes without power, one of the worst power outages in the history of Connecticut. The people in the northwestern part are the ones that may have to wait ten days, maybe longer, for power to be restored. This power outage has filled the hotels completely with residents who are trying to get warm and took out traffic lights resulting in many fender benders.

So far there have been thirteen deaths blamed on this winter storm, most of them due to the slippery road conditions. There have been thirty-two shelters opened in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut where almost one thousand eight hundred people have taken advantage of these shelters.