China Confiscates $30 Million Fake Drugs In Raids

China Confiscates $30 Million Fake Drugs In RaidsTagged as the piracy capital of the world, China has strengthened further its efforts to weed out fake products in the top Asian country. Chinese police recently seized fake drugs worth more than 190 million yuan ($29.9 million) in a series of raid in the poor central province of Henan, China. Authorities revealed after a four-month investigation, they were able to arrest 114 members of a fake drug production network based in the city of Anyang and seized more than 65 million fake medicine bottles.

The police said they were able to uncover the illegal operation after a woman use a fake medicine to replace genuine medicine while pretending to make a purchase at a drug store in April. The officials said a thorough investigation on the successful operation is still underway at the moment. The Chinese government tightened further its operation against fake products after China was criticized for its many counterfeit products ranging from fish, drugs, toys, toothpaste, tires and pet food.

It was even reported that in 2008, six children died and almost 300,000 got sick after drinking a powdered milk laced with melamine, an industrial compound added to fool
inspectors by giving misleadingly high results in protein tests. The government hoped that after their series of successful operations against piracy, the country will regain back its status as a country who produces real and not anymore fake products.