Store Drops Charges Against Parents Arrested After Sandwich Theft

Store Drops Charges Against Parents Arrested After Sandwich TheftThe supermarket chain has decided to not press charges against the couple who was arrested over two stolen chicken sandwiches. The couple, when brought back into the store, told the manager that it was an honest mistake and offered to pay for the sandwiches but the management refused to allow them to do that. Instead, they called the police to have them arrested. The parents went to jail and their child was taken by Child’s Protective Services. She was returned to her parents the next morning.

The division president of the supermarket chained called the mother on Tuesday and apologized for what they had put her through but the management had followed the proper routine shoplifting procedure by calling the police. He also said that the grocery store regrets not realizing that calling the police would cause a child and her parents to be separated. The store chain was Safeway. They are looking at how managers and employees are trained to handle shoplifters.

The couple was also told that they were banned from shopping in the store for a year but they are now retracting their statement and welcoming the family back to shop at the store. At this time, the couple is not sure if they are going to pursue any type of legal action against the grocery store.